Custom Content Writing Services New and Improved Learning Content

Many organizations require training for proprietary content that incorporates specific business processes and goals. Atlanta Training Group leverages input from your subject matter experts to develop custom solutions that meet your organization’s unique training and development needs, particularly in providing custom software application learning opportunities.

We can convert existing classroom or eLearning resources, or craft new solutions that integrate the most relevant content, interactive simulations, feedback and assessment for ongoing programs or one-time initiatives. Our instructional designers create compelling learning experiences that deliver results – improved employee performance that drives positive impact to your bottom line.

Technical Writing & Process Documentation

Every organization faces challenges in documenting a range of information. Often, subject matter experts lack the time to create documentation, or business processes entail such an overwhelming number of steps and participants find it difficult to centralize the information. Atlanta Training Group collaborates with you to develop content that can be easily distributed in print or online.

We ensure content is complete, accurate and tailored to your audience.

Each document is consistent and easy to update, whether you require:

  • Technical manuals, user guides or help documentation
  • Policies and procedures handbooks for products, operations, services or systems
  • Training materials, including instructor and learner support materials
  • Regulatory compliance documentation
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