Learning Management System (LMS) Centralized Training and Assessment

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be used to deliver information to employees, partners, customers, suppliers and resellers anytime, anywhere. Our custom LMS allows you to track, execute, measure and manage your learning initiatives to capitalize on your organizational objectives.

ATG clients have successfully delivered and managed eLearning, classroom training and even home study for countless learning requirements. With automated tools that manage and track learning programs, our  tailored solutions provide several automated features such as notifications and reminders, as well as tracking of compliance requirements. ATG's LMS is flexible, scale-able and can be deployed either internally or across the web; All you need is a browser.

Our Learning Management System:

  • Enables you to build and deploy a unique curriculum within hours
  • Offers flexible pricing and deployment options to match your business model
  • Facilitates delivery of training and assessment to anyone, anywhere
  • Allows you to evaluate and measure the effectiveness and value of training, and to receive valuable feedback from students
  • Defines and assigns training rules and learning requirements by business unit, job role and/or individual
  • Centralizes training scheduling, tracking and administration through an easily-navigable administration portal
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